We were ambitious...

Touchpoint Group set out to see how much better a machine could be in supporting executive decision making and deliver only the highest quality actionable insights from your customer data.....

The world became very interested...

The world became very interested in our development of cognitive analytics and how our unique combination of text analytics, natural language processing and machine learning could disrupt traditional approaches.


In fact the world became so interested that Touchpoint Group introduced Ipiphany to North America with the appointment of Tom Lynn, Director, Global Alliances. Tom joins Touchpoint Group Limited to lead expansion to the North American market. As a senior level global sales and alliance professional with over 24 years' experience in technology software and SaaS solutions, Tom joins Touchpoint to further solidify Touchpoint's growth strategy by building relationships and sales through partners who share Touchpoint's commitment to customer experience. Tom joined Touchpoint in October 2016 from Voci Technologies, where he established and ran the eDiscovery and compliance vertical. While at Voci, Tom secured global partnerships with EY, Thomson Reuters, Espion, and Nuix.

Prior to his time at Voci, Tom held various senior management roles for European based software companies in Germany, Sweden, the UK, Finland, and Ireland, securing deals with Citibank, Deutsche Bank, Credit Suisse, IBM, and many others. In addition to his corporate positions, Tom has been a Partner in a Treasury Management Consulting practice, providing advice, guidance, and direction to many emerging Treasury Management software companies.

The essence of great customer decisions

Through significant research and development we developed cognitive analytics to economically distil strategic and trusted levers for executives and CX professionals from large data sets.

Every drop of structured and unstructured data is analysed together to find the themes and patterns that create very specific and often surprising insights.

What we produced is the very essence of great customer decisions.

Ipiphany™ delivers real insight and real-world value from your customers data.

  • Faster and lower cost than any comparable analytical alternative
  • Highest quality root cause identification and results validation
  • Compatible with data from any source or existing system - surveys, call transcripts, social media feeds, service notes, web chat
  • Summarise, target and explore like never before
  • Supercharge your analytical capability

Just one example of how Ipiphany™ puts you and your data in the driving seat.

For CX professionals and executive teams alike, making the right decision at the right time counts. Competition for time and money is strong, and getting it wrong is expensive.

Ipiphany will guide you, and give you the validation your organisation needs.

Know that the changes you are making, and the ones you are about to make will yield customer results that are material, efficient and timely.

Introducing you to Ipiphany™

Ipiphany™ is a SaaS solution and getting started is as simple as importing your files or setting up your data feed.

Purchase Ipiphany™ as an Enterprise Software license or on a project by project basis.

Licensing options are also available for multi-client and agency applications.

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It feels good to break the rules...

Ipiphany has put a stop to the trade-offs normally necessary to undertake this sophistication of analysis.

Expose higher quality insights faster and more economically than ANY alternative.

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